In his most recent budget address, Governor Murphy noted that a “clean energy economy is a once-in-a-generation opportunity,” and LD 16 is the ideal place to implement such an opportunity. As Assemblywoman, Sadaf would support an economic recovery plan that heavily incorporates green jobs for the future of our environment and in an effort to pull NJ out of the economic devastation of the pandemic. Sadaf will prioritize investing in clean energy infrastructure, which has proven to provide thousands of well-paying jobs. Sadaf will also support investment in open space to combat climate change, raise property values, and improve public health. More than 40% of Montgomery is preserved open space, and Sadaf has a track record of investing in this issue.

Well-funded public education is critical to ensuring that low-income students and students from communities of color can have stable lives and upward mobility. However, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, in 2019, NJ spent 19.6% less on each student than it did prior to the 2008 Recession. This budget was cut even further in 2020 as a result of needing to balance the State budget in response to the pandemic, but as we emerge from COVID-19, we must set NJ students up for success. As Assemblywoman, Sadaf will prioritize restoring critical funding to public and higher education, as NJ students, especially those who are traditionally under-served, have already suffered enough as a result of this pandemic.

As Mayor, Sadaf enacted a robust crisis policy that helped Montgomery maintain some of the lowest COVID-19 infection and fatality rates in the state. The pandemic brought to light the fact that public health crises disproportionately impact communities who are already under-served, whether they are low-income individuals, communities of color, or people with limited access to information. In her first term as Assemblywoman, Sadaf wants to work to ensure that the State’s strategy in responding to all public health crises – ranging from COVID-19 to addiction to potential future pandemics – are developed in collaboration with scientists, educators, politicians, and medical professionals of diverse backgrounds.